Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jenson's first day at church!

After Dr.'s orders and me being a paranoid mommy about germs, Jens went to his first day of church today at 6 weeks old. I don't know how anybody gets ready for church with more than one kid, Jenson peed all over when I was trying to get him dressed, and then as we were walking out the door he pooped and we had to hurry and change him. SO needless to say, we were late. We are learning, hopefully we'll get it someday! He looked so handsome in his church outfit and was such a good boy, except for he was tooting in Sunday School when Jake was trying to give the lesson and our 15 year olds thought it was great. :) Next week Jens will be getting blessed and you are all invited, hopefully we can make it on time, if not, save us a seat!!

My handsome boys all ready for church!

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Calee said...

Isn't it scary to take them out in public with all the germy kids running around!? I had a hard time even wanting to leave my house at all those first six weeks. (or seven, or eight... I'm still a weirdo and don't want anyone to touch Ary;))