Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fridays with Jens

Playing with my toys is soo hard!

These 2 are from last Friday since we missed it:

Being a big boy sitting in his Bumbo for the first time!
My baby boy is growing up so fast!


Chelsea said...

wow! he is growing up fast! he look so great and it is so fun to get to see him grow up!!

i'm so happy for you and your beautiful family!!

Nick and Amera said...

that pict of him in the bumbo is sooooooo cute! Wow, can I just hug that little guy!!!! He is getting so big Kelci, where did that newborn go!? Its so fun to see them get big, but wow, it happens too fast! You are taking great pictures of him, i love it! Your such a cute mommy!! Church with more than one kid??? ya, we've been in our ward for 3 years adn we're just getting to know people. We're finally not looking like visitors anymore! its hard to make it on time, or even sit in the chapel during church. We always look like wandering lost souls in the halls..... hey late or not, at least we make an appearance right? hahah. you'll get a hang of it :)