Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fri. W/ Jens!!

I know it's only my second friday with Jenson and I'm already slacking, but Friday nights are hard to blog, so they all might be a little late! This last Friday we were a little lazy, we stayed at home but I still got some pics! Over the course of the day I got peed on twice, and baby J pooped in the tub. Being a mom is sooo glamorous! Here are some pictures of more of Jenson's funny faces! Not so sure about the tub, but he doesn't scream so it can't be too bad!

But.. he is pretty sure that he hates being cold after taking a bath!

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Calee said...

He's looking more and more like Jenson and less like the squishy newborns they all start out as:).
Have you started back to work yet? You are at school Tuesdays and Thursdays, right? Ahh, I hate having to go back to real life when they are this teeny and precious!