Friday, August 28, 2009

What I love about my Jenson

  • I love his big kissable lips I want to kiss them all the time!
  • I love his chubby cheeks and fat rolls he is getting
  • I love his little scowl on his face that seems to be there more than it is not!
  • I love how his little tiny fingers tickle me when I'm feeding him
  • I love how when he is fussy he calms down when he hears my voice
  • I love how he cries sometimes when he is trying to poop, it's funny :)
  • I love his gummy grin!
  • I love how he kicks and kicks and his little legs when he gets excited and when he is mad
  • I love how he loves to cuddle, and sometimes when he cries the only thing he wants is to be held
  • I love how when I give him a pacifier he scowls and rolls his eyes but takes it anyways
  • I love the little noises and squeeks he makes when he is eating and sleeping

I love you Jens, SO MUCH!

1 comment:

jack!e said...

You like it when he cries?! Mean mommy...

Just kidding =) Jenson looks so cute...he is filling out quite nicely. =) haha I wish I could meet him in person!