Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Baby Einstein

Jenson will not watch t.v. or sit and watch a movie (which I actually love) UNLESS it's Baby Einstein's Baby's First Signs. In fact, I'm kind of sick of it and need to go get some more Baby Einstein videos, we have watched it everyday this week! He has gotten so good at using sign language, I love seeing him get smarter and smarter every day!
So on top of talking all the time he now signs Baby, More, Please, Mommy, Daddy, and All Done! I can't get a picture of him doing it, I've tried, I did however get a picture of another one of his latest's, "CHEESE!"(don't mind our messy loft room)

What he LOVES at almost 15 months old:
-Walking everywhere, he is so proud of himself and gets so excited
-Both of his grandmas. He will go to either one of them from me in a heartbeat, and I can't get him back. :)
-When his daddy gets home!
-His ba-bas.
-PUPPIES! or as he calls them, "bay-dough" (bad dog) and his stuffed animal puppy. He always acts like a puppy too, so naturally that is what he is going to be for Halloween. Plus I thought it was a good excuse for him to wear a leash while trick-or-treating??
-Cuddling with mom and dad in our bed in the mornings.
-Going to preschool with mom and grandma (he thinks he is so big).
-"Pretties." He loves putting necklaces around his neck
-Dirt. (to make up for the pretties, don't worry dad lol) He wants to play with dirt whenever he gets close.
-Ring Around the Rosy, his favorite game that we play over and over. He likes falling down and saying, "WHOA."
-Working with grandpa at his computer.
-Making funny faces and then pretending to laugh, he's a crack up.
-Bugging his cousins, which is also funny to watch. He loves getting reactions out of people, so if it makes somebody mad when he touches them, he'll do it over and over and just watch them get mad.



Calee said...

What a Smartie! I'm going to have to send Ary over for some peer tutoring.
You are a busy bee lately it looks like; Jenson, pre-school, the credit union, jeez!

Nick and Amera said...

I miss this handsome boy!! did your mom tell you I saw her today at tjmax? I love her!!! She is the cutest grandma ever!! Jenson has pretties too? LAVI LOVES PRETTIES!! Her jewelry is her favorite and she calls them her pretties as well :) it must be meant to be!! And not to mention, lavi loooooves puppies!! lets get these two together soon! i love you!!! miss you lots!!