Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Jenson was a puppy this year because he loves them! He always sticks his tongue out and pants like a puppy, except for when we want him to (of course)!We have had a fun weekend! We started Thursday with a preschool Halloween party, followed by a quick round of trunk-or-treat Friday night. Saturday was spent with all the cousins getting pizza then doing the rounds on Spanish Fork Main Street, which was SO crowded, but still fun! Then we made sure the great grandparents got to see our little puppy. Sunday we had soup with the fam. Whew, what a busy weekend!
Sometimes he's a nice puppy, and sometimes he's a naughty puppy that likes to throw fits, play in the dirt and scowl and say, "NO!" BUT, he's still a cute puppy, nonetheless. :)This is the best pic I could get with all the cousins, believe it or not! 1 second later and Braxton would have been out of the frame. :)

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Nick and Amera said...

that little puppy that your talking about, happens to be the pup of a little lamb. She will wait for him till forever. The Puppy and the Lamb will be married one day, make note of it. I love you guys!!!