Thursday, April 22, 2010


Jenson has been talking our heads off ever since he figured out he could make noise! But now... he is saying WORDS! I am one proud mama (even though he has yet to say 'mama')! He said "hi" for the first time last week, and has been saying, "OH!" and when he pulls my hair I say, "OW!" and then he repeats me! He also has starting repeating Jake when he says, "uh-oh!"

He is growing up so fast, but I love it, just keeps getting more and more fun!!!

LML :)

JUST AS A SIDE NOTE: I'm starting an LML movement. It stands for "Love My Life!" Why, you ask? Because there is this acronym "FML" that stands for "{bad word} my life." OH I HATE THAT! It is totally over-used, and awful! I have never used the "F" word, let alone would I ever use it in reference to my precious life. EWW. I'm not trying to claim that I am always happy and optimistic, because I'm not, but I would much rather try to dwell on the positive. So there you have it. :)


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Nick and Amera said...

I like the LML so much! I might have to use it sometime :) Jenson is the cutest stinker ever and I just love that little face of his! I agree with you, the FML is so disturbing and vulgar I hate it too..... thanks for introducing me to the LML because it is not liek the others out there that are bad!!! Love you lots and I want to squeeeeze that little boys cheeks! They are sooo loveable!!!