Friday, March 26, 2010

Bye Bye Baby Mullet!

Jenson got his first haircut on March 20th. I was getting tired of the long hair on the sides and the out of control fuzz on the top. So I called Jake's cousin Kellee so she could take care of it for us.
Jenson SCREAMED! (is 'screamed' a word?) I kept telling him she wasn't trying to cut his ears off, just his hair. He didn't really like how she had to hold his head, he has a personal bubble and it was being popped.
The crocodile tears.

At least he got to take home this comb, it just makes it all better.


Nick and Amera said...

I bet it was the cutest mullet in the world!!! but either way he's the cutest little boy!! kisses from Lavi!!!! we love little Jens!

Calee said...

I like your cute new blog:)