Friday, December 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday: I love my dad.

I am very Thankful for my dad. Today I just want to spotlight him, because I have the greatest dad a girl could ask for. I am already bawling so I don't know how I can get through this, I think I will just share with you a poem I wrote for my dad last year. It is far from professional, but it describes my dad perfectly. Just to explain: my dad has always called me Wayne, I don't really know why, but it has always been my nickname. Also, my dad has a famous line, "you'll break her neck!" that he used all the time whenever my big brother was being a tease, he was very protective of us girls. Whenever mom said no, we would go to dad, because he always said, "SUUUURE!" :) He has always taken such good care of us and been such a good example to me, I love my dad so much, and am very very grateful that he is MY dad!!!

Dad I gotta tell you, you are the best,

Of all dads however they come.

You have better qualities than the rest,

And I'm going to tell you some.


When I was little you would say

"You are such a Wayne!"

And I knew you loved me everyday,

Even when I was a pain.


You have a saying that is aimed to please

That you used wherever we would go:

"It's okay, money grows on trees!"

You taught me everything I know!


That is why I would love to be,

Out with you at the store.

And when most dads needed to go to bed,

You would play a little bit more!


You've always been kind of like a big kid,

Grown up toys you've always liked,

You pretend that you live on the side that is wild,

and still play with your motor bikes.


Since I have turned into a big girl these days,

I see that you are not only fun.

But you also have some grown up ways,

That make you number one.


When it comes to being an example you are the best,

Of what it means to hold the priesthood.

You give me blessings and love me more than the rest

Even when my choices aren't good.


You have always been very protective of me,

If Tyler tried to "break my neck" you would kick his butt!

And now that I'm away you always call to see

If my car is still running or not.


I always have known that you will be there

You always supported every activity of mine.

You always say you miss me, and you care,

I told you, a dad like you is hard to find!


I knew someday that I would want to marry,

Someone who loves me how you love mom so much.

I thought finding someone like you would be scary,

Because a find like dad? I didn't think there was such.


Things are still the same even though we're older,

Exept for maybe I've made you less sane...

And even though I'm too big to ride on your shoulders,

I'm still your little Wayne.

And now I can't wait for my dad to be a grandpa! I have always thought that my dad is going to be the best grandpa, and now it is so soon! Thanks dad for being so fun/loving/caring/easy-going/supportive/and just all around awesome.

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