Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's Finally Here!

My sister in law Mandie finally had her baby boy yesterday. For the last 2 weeks I thought she would have him, and finally yesterday she went in to be induced! She was such a trooper, I'm so proud of her, and she has the most beautiful new baby boy! He was 7 lbs 7 oz and came at 1:32 in the afternoon. He looks just like his daddy, and you could just tell that both parents are so in love. :) He doesn't have a name yet, but that is coming soon! We are just happy that he is here and he is healthy!


The Jarvis Family said...

ahhhhhhh thats the best feeling in the world! Your time is just around the corner Kelci nd you will LOVE IT! Congrats on yet a new baby in that family!

Kristen and Sean Miner said...

Lets see your belly!!!

Maddie said...

Cute baby!!!!!
KELCI......Geesh update your blog!!! haha talk about me!!! just kidding. But i did put up a new post. -your cuz!