Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boys are made of bonks and bruises... right??

Jenson has been bonking his head A LOT lately. He fell out of his crib, no wait, dove out of his crib earlier this week (needless to say the mattress is almost to the ground now, he has a real cage).
THEN the next day since he couldn't dive out of the crib anymore, he got so excited when I walked in his room he started jumping and knocked his eyebrow bone and has a little bruise there.
THEN yesterday he fell and hit his head once on the tile trying to climb on a stool, and once on the wall.
Oh and last week he fell off the couch banging his head on the coffee table... and those are only the big ones I can remember. Maybe he is just clumsy, and maybe I need padded walls? I'm seriously considering making him wear a helmet 24/7. Is it lame that I'm so worried about all the brain cells he could be killing??
I guess the reason why I'm posting this is so some other moms out there can tell me, "it's okay, you aren't an awful mother." so humor me, would ya????
Bless his heart, and his huge (95th percentile) head.


Nick and Amera said...

Do I need to call DCFS? all those bruises are uncalled for (which by the way, I never saw a single bruise the other night)!!! Man, he's cute, I cant wait till he learns to love me. And man im glad my kids are brown, that way you cant see thier bruises :) OH JENS, YOU ARE A SILLY BOY!! bonk's are normal, just ask McCoy!!!!

jack!e said...

haha you are a wonderful mother, don't least, having no prior experience myself, I think you are! =]

ChrisandLindsay said...

Hahah, I ask the EXACT same question!! Parker has a head of steel I'm starting to think because he hits his head ALL the time too, sometimes by accident but then about 85% of the time he does it on purpose! I think it must be a boy thing. He's fallen out of bed, off the couch, run into doors/door jams (doesn't always watch where he is going), gouged his forehead on the corner of my counter and that's really all I can remember right now. But when he was younger, about the same age as your little guy, he would purposefully bang his head against the wall and then say "bang, bang!" haha (He doesn't do this much anymore!) Did I mention he also liked to try and bang his head into ours too, and hard?? And with all of this it rarely hurts him and hardly ever cries when he hits his head!

It's also funny you mention wanting to have him wear a helmet because my husband's mom would make him wear a helmet when he was younger because he kept cracking his head open from hitting/running into things or falling off things!!

So, all in all, You are a great mom and I don't think you should worry about him!! He's super cute and I've heard it's pretty normal!!

mama T said...

Oh I love you Kelci and Jenson. When his daddy was little we were always at the E.R. having stitches so be thankful for minor bumbs and bruises. You are a great mom!!!!!!