Friday, August 13, 2010

My baby is no longer a baby.

Jenson turned ONE! It's actually been almost a month since the big day, but better late than never! I can't believe it was only one year ago that he changed our lives drastically. He has taught us what it means to love unconditionally through waking us up almost every night for a year, and I really didn't mind. He has taught us to laugh at the little things. He has made us better people. Because of him we try harder to be better so we can be the example he needs. I love Jenson for countless reasons, but here are just a few:
  • I love how no matter who walks in the room he says, "HI DA!"
  • I love how when I say, "NO!" he throws himself on the ground and starts giggling and screaming before trying to crawl away. It's a game. We are in trouble.
  • I love how he is so cuddly, when you pick him up he just lays his head on your shoulder.
  • I love how he throws everything off of his high chair and looks at me and says, "uh-oh."
  • I love how he changes positions every time I go check on him during naps. He's a wild sleeper.
  • I love how when I try to read him a story he tries to close it the whole time and says, "ALL da." (all done)
  • I love his cute little face, I could never get sick of looking at him and kissing him.
  • I love when he hands you something and says "dit-dew." He tries to teach me my manners too.
  • I love his babbling, he talks and talks, but you can't tell what he's saying. He even nods his head and talks with his hands. He is so fun to have a conversation with.
  • I love how when I blow on his food that is hot, he also blows on it before taking a bite. Safety first!
  • I love how when I'm not with him, I miss him so bad, he is our best buddy!
  • I love watching him talk on the phone, he is so good at copying what we do.
  • I love how it's like wrestling an alligator when changing his diaper. I feel like I'm in a rodeo every diaper change, trying to keep him entertained long enough to hurry and get a diaper back on. Sometimes I wish somebody was watching when I actually do have a successful diaper change so I could get some recognition. :)
  • I LOVE his laugh. He has been so giggly from the time he was really little, and it always puts a smile on our faces.
  • I love how he loves to open and close everything. He'll crawl in a room and turn around and close the door.
  • I love his 6 little teeth and how he brushes them. We brush our teeth together, and he puts the toothbrush in his mouth and moves it around and wiggles his head just like mom. It is so funny, I need to get it on tape.
  • I love how he says, "shhh!" he sticks the tip of his finger in his mouth and blows on it. Oh man, he's cute.
  • I love how whenever he picks up a stuffed animal/baby, he rocks it back and forth like a baby.
  • I love how he dances to music in the car, he bobs his head.
  • I love how I can't take a shower by myself, because he always finds me and stands at the edge, trying to get his hands wet. Then he rubs the water all over his head like he is washing his hair.
I LOVE YOU JENS! I thank Heavenly Father for sending you to us every single day.

There are a lot more cute pics of Jenson taken by Sarah Carabine on my Facebook.


Chelsie and Trace said...

He is so dang cute.

Kayla {and Matt} Collins said...

you guys are SO cute. I love Jenson too! I can't believe how big he is...but he definitely is still a baby, don't worry :) can't wait to get back to Utah so we can have play dates!