Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged by Lor: 10 Random things you may not know about me

1. My worst habit (according to Jake), is that I love to pop my gum through my teeth, I don't even notice I'm doing it, until I catch on to the glare from Jake, that is my que to stop.

2. I HATE when people add -ers and sometimes -ey to the end of words! Like, "twinners," or "lovey" get the idea. It drives me nuts! "Yayers!"

3. I played water polo all through high school, and we never won a game... but I loved it, so that's all that matters.

4. I used to hate all sorts of food, like tomatoes, mushrooms, avacado... now I LOVE it all, I'll eat anything. The only thing I really turn away from still is olives, they look like baby slugs and taste similar too... I bet...

5. I taught swim lessons all through high school, was on the swim team since I was 8 and was even captain my senior year. I still teach swim lessons in the summer, I guess you could say that is my passion, I love the water, I just might be half fish.

6. Besides swimming, my other passion is kids. I've been known to be the "baby hog," or the "baby smuggler," you might have a different nick-name for me that you haven't shared with me vocally... but that's besides the point. I love kids, they make me laugh, and I just think they are the closest thing to heaven that Heavenly Father gives us. That is why I am going to have my own preschool in the next couple years... it is in the making. Oh and my own babies.

7. I am kind of a slob at heart... the only reason my house ever gets clean, is because my husband is a clean freak! I help out a lot too, don't get me wrong, but it is only because I have had to learn that cleanliness really is a nice trait, I'm working on it okay! Just don't ask my mom about my bedroom my whole life... she might cry.

8. I am the middle child, therefore I have middle child syndrome, meaning I totally got gypped! I am the only musically NOT talented child in my family. My sister has the voice of a goddess and can bring a stadium to tears, and my brother writes songs and plays guitar and also has a voice that gives you chills. Then there is me... I can't bring you to tears or give you chills, but I could make you cringe! That has to count for something I guess.

9. I do not like animals at all. I only like humans. Dogs stink, cats are boring, and they make me have allergic reactions. Why anyone would want a pet is beyond me. I had a fish one time and tried to kill it until my grandma found out, so I gave it to my cousins. I mean I understand that they can be cute and can make some people happy, but just not me.

10. I really like decorating. I may not be the best at, but it's okay, it is something that I enjoy.


The Jarvis Family said...

Kelci you are so funny! I just love ya to death. I hope I can come on sat night...we'll see how this baby is treating me at that point!
Its fun to get to know you. Im with you on the pet thing...I like pets but Im not one to have one. Dogs are stinky, cats are lame and if I had a pet it would be a puppy and stay a puppy forever...or maybe even a horse, but I wouldnt want to take care of it. Its all about the looks I guess, they're cute but I dont want one.
Love ya lots!

Kydee said...

WHINER!!!! What a complainer... haha love you Kelts :)

Calee said...

Yay for your preschool. You will love that and so will my future kids! I wish I were more like you that way, I just don't have "it" with kids. I'll have to learn quick!
You are crazy about dogs though, I love my dog as much as I love my human family :)