Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So since I don't have cute kids to blog about, I wanted to start doing a Thankful Thursday, because I still have sooo much to be grateful for! I am so blessed, and sometimes you just need to get it out! So what am I grateful for this week?

1. I'm grateful that my husband is such a hard worker. Besides all of his other redeeming qualities, my Jake works so hard, and I think that is a wonderful quality for a husband to have. He definitely takes providing for his family very seriously, and our family is only little! He takes such good care of me, here I am crying already and I'm only on number 1... but that's not a surprise! I just never have to worry, and neither do my parents ever, because he just works his butt off to make sure we are taken care of.

2. I'm grateful that me and my mom have always been able to relate so well. We have always been best friends, I don't ever remember being upset at each other, we have just always gotten along. Even back when I was a terrible teen I could go to her about anything! She never has made me feel bad for my choices or thought I should be doing things her way, she has only been there to support through everything. I just feel like I have been so lucky in the mom department, and I just hope and pray that someday I can be just like her and be able to be the exact same mom to my children. I love my mom.

3. I'm grateful for the organization of the gospel! I have been in a lot of different wards in the past few years, and everywhere there is church, it just feels right. Moving to Payson we moved into such a wonderful ward family, everybody has been so welcoming and nice, I have never been short of impressed with these people! It is just funny how everything happens for a reason, and I know I am right where I am supposed to be right now. It is so nice to feel like I have a home away from home. Seattle will always be home to me, but Payson is finally feeling like a close second.

I could go on and on about what I am grateful for, but that would just be emotionally overwhelming for me right now, and I have plenty of weeks to count my blessings. What a loving Heavenly Father we have! Maybe I should call this "Tearful Thursday" instead. :)


Suzee said...

You are a very lucky girl. Jake is a good, hard worker! (But I may be a little partial!) And it is a big blessing to have such a great relationship with mom! You have been blessed, that's true. Sometimes it is good to stop and realize all that we have! And I think that tearful Thursday is great! With my Thursday posts, I always cry! Thanks for sharing!

jack!e said...

You are so cute. I just love you Kelci! =) I read the comment you left me about my testimony and how you were crying and then I started crying and then I read your Thankful Thursdays and I started crying again because I started thinking about all the things I'm thankful for and I also read the part about you crying at different songs...and I do that too! And over tv shows and commercials...pretty much anything...haha I just have a lot of feelings also! =) Man, what is it with us chicks? Too many emotions! =)

I met with your mom tonight (did she tell you I'm her visiting teacher?) and it was great to talk to her. Me and Morgan (she's my partner) were there for a couple of hours just talking about life! I love your mom. =)

P.S. I'm really enjoying reading your blog =) hehe