Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today my grandma Carolyn Rummell passed away peacefully in her sleep at 4am. She has been battling breast cancer for the past 2 years, for the second time in her life. She has been fighting so hard to stay here with us, but Heavenly Father finally couldn't take it any longer, because he needs her home now. She has been so sick, and it was so hard to see her in pain, she gave it all she could, but there comes to a point when it is in the Lord's hands, no longer the doctors. It just feels like it isn't fair, it is Christmas time, we have always spent Christmas with grandma, along with every other holiday and excuse for a celebration. I know that we will see her again, I do have a testimony that families are forever, I just wish we never had to go through missing the ones we love, wouldn't it be great if this blink we call life could be lived with all of our loved ones at the same time, come and go together. Then we wouldn't have to spend hours crying and wishing. Grandma was the one that there for me my whole life, always concerned about what was going on in school, never failing to ask about every detail of every date, and loving me no matter what. If there is anybody that has a love unfeigned it is her, she could care less if you wanted to pierce your eyebrows or get tattoos (for example only, I was never interested just for the record!), she just wanted us to be happy. Whenever mom said no, we would say, "well let's ask grandma!" She one time said to me, "I may not be able to go to church every Sunday but I can honestly say I am a true Christian," and she sure was, she was such a good mom to my mom, and had the biggest heart. One time I was trying to kill my stupid pet fish by not feeding it, and when she found out I got a scolding, "Kelci Jenson! We do not kill living things in this family! Not even a little fish! You go feed that fish right now!" and so I did, just because I didn't want grandma to worry. :o) If there is anybody that could literally talk your head off it was her, when Loriel was little she called her "Grandma la-la-la-la," because she could even see then that grandma was famous for a good story. I will miss going to her house and being handed a stack full of catalogs to look through, while her yummy dinner is cooking, and listening to stories about some second cousin somewhere, but it is a blessing to know she is out of pain and keeping everybody company in heaven. Our loss is Heaven's gain, and her strength and love in the example she has been to me my whole life, I hope and pray can let live through me. If I could give her something for Christmas, it would be a promise that I will try my best to someday be just like her.

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